Research Projects

I am the principal investigator for Competing Imaginaries of Ethical Science: Animal Experimentation, Activists, and Alternative Research Methods (IMAGES) project funded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation in 2023-2025. This project focuses on experimental animal science as it is a field that is experiencing heightened pressure to address ethical concerns caused by increasing awareness of human-nonhuman relations and animal rights. We investigate 1) what kinds of competing imaginaries of ethical science are created and enacted by different actors within and outside of life sciences and 2) how these imaginaries contribute to shaping the achievable future of animal experimentation.

I am the principal investigator for The Emergence of Health and Life Science Innovations (HeLSI) project funded by the Foundation for Economic Education in 2020-2023. In this project, we investigate nascent academic entrepreneurs and the emergence of their projects and startups from the perspective of identity work, entrepreneurial storytelling, and emotional resonance.